Getting Your Site Prepared

Getting your shed fully laid on your prepared site is recommended to improve your SteelChief Shed’s water resistance.  We recommend you choose our ‘Rebated’ concrete or wooden flooring options.

Its imperative that you have your site needs to be prepared and levelled and ready for immediate installation of your shed.  If you are unable to do this yourself, we can assist you with this work.  Just call and arrange with our qualified staff.

Site Preparation:

Site preparation and selection is very important part of the process.  Here is a checklist for you to consider:

  • Levels
  • Tree overhangs
  • Ground Water drainage
  • Space for doors to swing open
  • Accesses to underground pipes
  • Soil type
  • Clearance required to install the shed


The property need to be prepared prior to installation.  All the soft materials need to be removed and a bed of compacted, crushed rock laid down.

The site must be levelled (ensure you use a spirit level) and slightly raised above the surrounding ground.  This ensures that the shed’s concrete slab or wooden floor will be founded on a hard, flat and level base.

The level of the shed floor will be approximately 100mm above the surrounding ground.

If you would like our Qualified Team at Tipples Backyard to prepare your site – just ask us to arrange a Quote – Contact or Call Us, Today! 03 5971 5051