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At Tipples Backyard, we specialise in the supply and installation of the DAYTEK Clotheslines Range across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.  Clotheslines are an icon in every Australian backyard and that is why Tipples Backyard offer this great Australia Iconic Clothesline from Daytek Clotheslines.

The Daytek Clothesline Range

Daytek Clotheslines are ideal for the Aussies home-owners who are budget conscious, architects builders or commercial project managers who are interested in providing cost-effective measures and environmentally aware solutions to drying washing. Daytek Clotheslines understands this and have been innovative in producing a range of innovation clotheslines solutions for Australians backyards and making drying your washing a breeze.

Tipples Backyard supplies and installs Daytek Clotheslines Innovative Range is ideal for every backyard, small space, indoor or balcony needs including protective covers to protect your washing in case of sudden showers.

Daytek Clotheslines are specifically designed to meet Australian standards and conditions and available in various sizes and models to suit most needs. Daytek has been proudly manufacturing in Australia since 1960.

The Range


Daytek offer a Classic Fold Down Range and a Lift and Lock Range. The Classic Fold-Down is ideal for limited outdoor spaces or you want your clothesline to be out of sight. The Lift & Lock Fold Down Range features glass fibre reinforced nylon is an Award Winner and easy to use.


The Daytek Retracting Clotheslines are ideal for family-sized laundry loads but the yard space is at a premuim. There are models with 1 - 6 lines, all spring tensioned, spooled and lockable. They are corrosion resistant and powder coated steel. Several Post Mount Kits available with structural warranties and range of spare parts.


Best suited for larger yards and able to dry multiple dry loads. Environmentally friendly and low-cost outdoor clothes drying. Able to fold-down and the entire unit and storage. Made from galvanised steel, line strength and minimal sagging. Manufacturing in Australia with 10yr structural warranty. Quality reputation and lasting reliability.


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Compact Sizes & Colours

Daytek Clotheslines come in a range of designer colours to perfectly suit your home & garden’s character, or can be ordered in special one-off colours through our Colour My Day service.

A more compact solution is the Daytek Fold-Down, is available in the Twin model for larger families, and Single, Slim or Mini models for smaller families or individuals. For small spaces, the Daytek Retractables range of Clotheslines is the perfect solution.


All Daytek Clotheslines are backed by extensive warranties and a complete range of Daytek spare parts readily available.

Installation & Delivery

If you are DIY handyperson it should not be difficult for you to install, but should you prefer to get help installing your Clothesline, we at Tipples Backyard (Frankston, Melbourne) can help you. To arrange delivery and installation across Melbourne, South-East Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.