Installation – Options or DIY on Sheds

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Our pre-assembled panels makes for an easy DIY installation upon delivery.  If you are the sort of person who likes to Do It Yourself, then this is an ideal option for you.  All that needs to be done is to screw the panels together using a cordless drill.

We recommend that you attach the product to the ground immediately so that no wind damage occurs.  We can provide instructions on assembly and provide you with a step-by-step guide.  Just ask us and will provide you with this.


Installation – Need Our Help?

Tipples Backyard are more than happy to help you with your installation.  Enquire about pricings and the product you require.   We will provide you with a pricing quote which will include:

  • Fully preparing the site
  • How to prepare the site.
  • Flattening and levelling the site
  • We can provide you with all the information you need.

Installation includes attaching the shed to the ground with Star Pickets, or to your flat concrete slab with anchors and clips.

We recommend the BaseSmart Technology by SteelChief which is the only shed with BaseSmart Technology and engineered with Wind Class N4 Superior Wind loadings.  For more information about What is BaseSmart Technology and N4 Wind Rating check out more information here:

What is BaseSmart Technology and Wind Class N4 Wind rating?






Site Preparation and Permits

We offer help when it comes to assembling your new shed,  We can organise the site preparation so that everything runs smoothly and that there are ‘no surprises’.  We are a “one stop shop” that provides all your needs from the beginning to the end – without the worry.

We come to you and set up the site:

  • Levelling and install a suitable concrete slab, wooden floor or directly to ground installation.
  • Consider how the water will drain around your shed
  • We ensure that an accurate level is ued to check the grades on your site
  • If your shed is larger than 10m2 you may need a permit.

Obtaining a Permit

If you need a permit, then you can check with your local council or just ask us and we can find out for you, and then obtain the permit on your behalf.


For more information

If you need any further assistance or information regarding Installation, quotes, permits or assembly, please contact our team for more information at our Display Site: 03 5971 5051