Pet Enclosures

Dog Kennels, Hutches, Pet Enclosures For Sale – Melbourne!

Wooden Kennels – Flat Roof

These wooden kennels are safe, durable and excellent accommodation for your pet.  Mad of High-Quality materials selected and safetly treated to ensure your pets safety, comfort and long-lasting.  The Roof is supplied hinged allowing easy access to the interior and an overhang to provide additional protection.  Various sizes available and colour.


  • Small – 0.74m Front x .049m Sides x 440mm High
  • Medium – 094 Front x 0.64m Sides x 580mm High
  • Large – 1.16m Front x 0.84m Sides x 720mm High
  • Extra Large – 1.34m Front x 0.94m Sides x 860mm High

Optional Extra – Available:

  • Call Office for all pricings

 Wooden Kennels – Gable Roof


  • SMALL – 0.74m  x .049m Gable  x 670 mm High, Wall Height 440m
  • Treated Pine – Medium
  • MEDIUM – 094 x 0.64m Gable x 840mm High, Wall Height 580mm
  • Treated Pine
  • LARGE – 1.04m x 0.84m Gable x 1030mm High, Wall Height 720mm
  • EXTRA LARGE – 1.34m Front x 0.94m Gable x 1220mm High, Wall height 860mm.
  • Treated Pine – Extra Large 

Optional Extra – Available:

  • TREATED PINE – Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
  • STAINING – priced at per kennel/per enclosure
  • INSTALLATION PRICES – Small, Medium & Large
  • Call Office for all pricings

Steel Kennels


  • SMALL – 0.78 x 0.78m x 850mm high, wall height 550mm.
  • MEDIUM – 1.15m x 0.78m x 1050mm high, wall height 750mm
  • LARGE – 1.52m x 0.78n x 1050mm high, wall height 750mm.
  • COLOURS – Available in Zinc, or Choose from Colour Range


Dog Kennel – Special Notes:

1. Kennels supplied pre-assembled, plus floor and ridge cap
2. Elevated wooden flour included in price
3. Variety colours available (Steelcheif Colour Range)
4. Flat Roof Kennels – Roof overhanges Front by approx 300-340mm, Back 75mm, Sides 70mm.


Pet Runs


  • SMALL – 0.78 Wide x 900m high x Length: 1.68m
  • MEDIUM – 0.78 Wide x 900m high x Length: 2.58m
  • LARGE –  0.78 Wide x 900m high x Length:- 3.48m


  • COLOUR RANGE – Zinc (Small, Medium & Lge pricings)
  • Colours – Choose from Colour Range (Small, Medium, Lge pricings)

INSTALLATION – Call Office for pricings and arrange Installation


A-Frame Hatch


A-Frame Hutch is ideal for smaller animals such as chickens, rabbits, ducks or guinea pigs.  A wire floor is available, for extra protection from predators and is easy to move around lawn.

  • MEDIUM – 1.8M Long x 0.9m Sides x 800mm High
  • LARGE – 2.54m Long x 0.9m Sides x 800mm High


  • COLOUR RANGE – Zinc  (Medium & Lge pricings)
  • WIRE FLOOR – (Medium & Large pricings)
  • Call Office for pricings


A-FRAME Optional extra:

  • Small wooden floor (approx 0.7×0.7m structural particle boards on 45mm thick, treated bearers) for bedding
  • Extension to enclosure lengths (charged per 0.74m)
  • Extension to wire floor lengths (charged per 0.74m)

A-Frame Hutch – Special Notes:

  1. Supplied pre-assembled panels
  2. Light and strong for easy relocation
  3. Made to Order sizes and designs – Quote available upon request


Wooden Gable Roof Fowl House, Cat House, Dog Enclosure:

  • Side: 1.94 x Gable 1.84m
  • Wall Height: 1.54m
  • Gable Tip Height: 1.89m
  • Treated Pine: Available
  • Optional Staining – Available
  • Optional Wooden Floor
  • Installation available

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