Pumps & Wood Box


Pump House / Wooden Box Range


  • PUMP HOUSE – Medium:  1.52nn= x 1.15m x 1200mm high.  Colours – Zinc or Colour Range Available. Installation – available
  • PUMP HOUSE – Small:  0.78m x 0.78m x 1200mm High. Narrow single door. Bar required above door. Colours: Zinc or Colour range available

Pump House – Special Notes:

  1. Supplied as preassembled panels
  2. Roof hinged
  3. single hinge door in front
  4. Range of Sizes available – quote to your exact requirments
  5. Colours – available in all Steelchief colour range

Wooden Box

  • MEDIUM:  0.94m x 0.74m x 845/710mm High
    Colours – Zinc/Steelchief colour range
    Installed available
  • LARGE:  1.54m x 0.74m x 980/845mm High
    Colours – Zinc/Steelchief Colour range (20)

Wood Box – Special Notes:

  1. Quality treated pine
  2. No Wooden floor
  3. Corrugated Iron Roof Upgrade
  4. Timber Staining – Available
  5. Delivery Direct to Home – Available