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Water Tanks & Pumps | Melbourne, Metro & Mornington Peninsula

If you are looking for a Water Tank or Pump for your backyard or Business, Tipples Backyard stocks and supplies the largest range of Water Tanks and Pumps to areas around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Our range includes the highest quality range of Water Tanks and Pumps available on the Market and we are the largest supplier of MELRO Water Tanks in Melbourne. We can arrange delivery Australia-wide for you.  View our range below or call us today with your enquiry.

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Water Tank Range of Product

 Round Water Tank Range

Capacity Range – 500 – 800 Litres



Capacity Range – 1000 – 2500 Litres



Capacity Range – 3500 – 5500 Litres




Capacity Range – 10100 – 24000 Litres


Slimline Water Tank Range

Capacity Range – 2000 – 2020 Litres


Capacity Range – 2030 – 2510 Litres



Capacity Range – 3000 3060  Litres – Slimline & Squat




Capacity Range – 3100 – 5000  Litres




Under Deck  Water Tank & Cartage Tank Range

Capacity Range – 2000  Litres



Toroid Underground Water Tank Products

Visit our Toroid Underground Water Tank Products Page for further information or to request a brochure or Contact Us.


Colour Selection

Standard Water Tank – Colour Range


A wide range of colours are available to compliment your home’s decor and colour scheme.  If you require a non-standard colour are available upon request. Please check with us.



There are a selection of factory fitted accessory options and are available when you order your tank.  Water_Tank_Accessories_-_Tipples_Backyard

These include:

  • Hose Connection Kit
  • Fire Hose VIC CFA Adaptor Kit
  • Water Pump
  • Pump Cover
  • Mains Top Up Kit
  • Slimline Under Deck Kit

Delivery – Available to All Areas

Installation Available

 Ready to Get Started?

Here are the 4-Easy steps to getting Started:

  1. Step 1 – Establish your water usage for the garden, pool, spa etc. Estimate the rainfall in your area, catchment (roof) size and available space options. Its better to over-estimate to ensure you will have enough.
  2. Step 2 – Choose your tank. We recommend you choose the largest tank to suit your area or site.  Its possible to have multiple tanks joined together, if space is limited. Standard or customised colours are available to suit your requirements
  3. Step 3 – Site Preparation.  Check your dimensions (Double-Check) before you order your tank to ensure it can fit your location and be able to be moved into position.  If you are getting a tank delivered, check to ensure you have sufficient clearance for the delivery vehicle.  Also tanks require a level, stable base capable of supporting the weight when full.  If you are unsure of any of these details, we are happy to assist you with this step.
  4. Step 4 – Installation. We recommend you use a suitably qualified tradesperson to carry out installation work, according to regulations requirments for your local area. You must iensure that all plugs and tank connections are sealed correctly. We can assist you with these this step and arrange installation to ensure the work is done correctly.

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