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The Viscount Rotational Mouldings (VRM) Tankmasta Toroid Underground Water Tank |at Tipples Backyard


We have available the Viscount Rotational Mouldings (VRM) Tankmasta Toroid Underground Water Tank which is designed to be structural strong, resists hydrostatic lift pressure and easy to install. The chemical resistant and strong composition is made of a food grade resin which allows for withstanding up to 2.3 SG external force and providing superior long life span underground water tank. Is easy to install and provides hassle-free maintenance water storage

The Donut and Bagel shape design provides superior strength and the central void allows for high pressure superior heavy load capacity.

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1. Low Cost Installation

The Toroid Underground Water Tank has a low profile reducing the amount of excavation depth required. Saving on excavations and ballast costs and reducing the chances of hitting troublesome hard rock or ground water.


2. Safe Working Environment

The most Water Tank installations do not exceed beyond 1500mm and installations of this type do not require perimeter fencing or shoring as required by law (Worksafe’s Working at Depths Guideline (Mines Act – Trenching 1982). Due to Toroids, low profile Water Tanks allows for safer, easier and quicker installations.


3. Done and Dusted

The Toroid Water Tanks Installation is can occur in the early-preliminary stages of a building site construction – easing the congestion at the later stages of any building project.  Installed can occur anywhere on site – even in the set-back zone of the house or high traffic areas and driveways. They can also be installed in high-traffic areas, such as under the driveway (before building commences).
5. Water Table

Since plastic materials are lighter than water the problem is that an empty water tank would float should it meet ground water. To avoid this problem, The Toroids Patented Compression Ballast System is cleverly positioned on top of entire tank to act as a dead weight providing a very effective protection against the “hydrostatic lift” problem.


5. Flexible installation

Since every installation has its own unique conditions VRM has developed ‘easy to use’ range of accessories to ease installation and situations.




Image of Donut (3,000Ltr capacity) and Image of  Bagel (5,000Ltr capacity)


Step by Step Installation Instructions


1. Excavate hole to dimensions.
2. Prepare level bae of hole and backfill material.
3. Attach barrel filter unit and if required position adjustable collar
4. Lift tank into hole using lifting lugs on top of tank.
5. Fill around the perimeter of the tank with backfill material.
6. Fill centre of tank up to 150mm below the tanks Half-way flange with backfill material
7. Fill centre of tank with backfill material and/or concrete ballast.
8. Tank is now ready to be covered and landscaped over.
9. The best-looking tank you’ll never see!

Please Note: The Steps above should only be used as a summary guide. Please refer to Toroid Installation Manual for specific details. Or Contact Us

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